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Delivering pure American craftsmanship in a monthly cheese box!

Martha’s support and love for American made products is no secret, especially artisan cheesemakers. She strongly believes America is ready to stand alongside the other greats of world cheese makers. From buttery triple creams to nutty, rich cheddars, Martha’s Coast to Coast American cheese subscription will impress even the most discerning cheese lover.

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What's Inside The Box?

A curated selection of 3 different kinds of cheese - each, a half-pound cut (total cheese weight: approx. 1.5 pounds)

MONTH NO. 1 | East Coast

St. Stephen Triple Cream Cheese: St. Stephen is a beautiful, hand-crafted triple cream that bursts with buttery and milky overtones. A smooth, silky interior made from all natural jersey cow’s milk and fresh jersey cream creates the perfect texture, while the soft, bloomy rind adds an earthy flavor with nutty undertones.

Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese:Bayley Hazen Blue is a natural-rinded blue cheese made with whole raw milk. Jasper Hill Farm makes batches every other day, primarily with morning milk, which is lower in fat than afternoon milk.

Clothbound Cheddar Cheese: In 2003, Cabot Creamery asked Jasper Hill Farm to age a special batch of English- style clothbound cheddar. This was the beginning of a revolutionary partnership. Cabot Clothbound is a handsome natural-rinded traditional cheddar. Bandaged with muslin and skillfully aged a minimum of 10 months at the Cellars at Jasper Hill.

MONTH NO. 2 | Central USA

Pleasant Ridge Reserve: An artisanal cheese made from the non-pasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows fed and managed using natural, "old world" practices.

Prairie Breeze Cheddar: Family farms in Iowa provide the exceptionally fresh milk that forms the backbone of Prairie Breeze's smooth, grassy flavor. Prairie Breeze is characterized as a hybrid between cheddar and the Alpine style of Emmental cheeses. Yet it has nutty tones and a savory finish that distinguish it from all other cheddars.

Buttermilk Blue: Here's a cheese that proves once and for all that not all great blue cheeses come from overseas. This award-winning, creamy blue cheese is made in Wisconsin from mostly Jersey cow's milk. It's homogenized, inoculated with a secret blend of cultures, hooped by hand, pierced, salted and cured for over two months. Its rich, buttermilk flavor makes this a great cheese for salads or for snacking. A truly exceptional blue!

MONTH NO. 3 | West Coast

Vella Monterey Dry Jack Cheese: Head cheesemaker Brad Sinko dedicates his time to honoring the art and craft of artisan cheesemaking. The Clothbound Cheddar is made with fresh, grass-fed cow's milk which is then molded and wrapped in cloth bandages.

Point Reyes Toma Cheese: From the makers of the famous Point Reyes Blue comes Toma, an all-natural, pasteurized, semi-hard, table cheese with a natural rind.

Laura Chenel Creamy Goat brie: This Creamy Brie is an American twist on the traditional French cow's milk cheese. This soft-ripened wheel begins with fresh, local goat milk that is turned into curd, gently cut and poured into molds, where it is allowed to drain naturally and retain as much moisture as possible. After days of aging, This Creamy Brie develops a thin, bloomy rind and a velvety texture that quickly becomes oozy. The result is a milder cheese with grassy and nutty flavors balanced by hints of lemon and a clean finish.

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Our subscriptions ship the 3rd week of each month.
If you place your order after the 15th of the month your first box will ship the next month.

Every one of our monthly subscription's price includes the shipping and handling cost, so there will not be any increases or additional billing for shipping for the duration of your subscription.

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