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European Cheese Subscription Box

This incredible European cheese assortment showcases the best of what Martha believes Europe has to offer when it comes to cheeses. France, England, and Spain are each represented by an award-winning cheese.

Martha’s European Cheese Subscription is a must for the adventurous foodie and an excellent educational experience for budding connoisseurs.

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What's Inside The Box?

A curated selection of 3 different kinds of cheese - each, a half-pound cut (total cheese weight: approx. 1.5 pounds)

MONTH NO. 1 | United Kingdom

Collier's Cheddar Cheese: This fabulous extra mature cheddar will set your taste buds tingling! Theis cheese in produced in the ancient Celtic country of Wales, famous for its beauty and musical heritage.

Mature Red Leicester Cheese: This impressive American cheese offers a familiar, tangy flavor with hints of hazelnut on the finish. The coloring is so bold that Red Leicester really stands out on the cheese platter, often making it the first cheese that needs to be replenished.

Long Clawson Royal Blue Stilton DOP Cheese: Long known as "The King of Cheeses", Blue Stilton is one of a handful of British cheeses granted the status of a "protected designation origin" (PDO) by the European Commission.

MONTH NO. 2 | France

French Baby Brie: Made in Normandy, the home of Camembert, Notre Dame's Baby Brie is renowned for its exceptional quality and freshness. This bloomy-rind, creamy cheese packs all of the goodness of French Brie into its slices. You'll love its inviting aroma and palate-pleasing flavor.

Aged Mimolette Cheese: Its taste is gloriously sweet and tangy, owing to the high-quality milk used in its manufacture. Aged Mimolette is very popular throughout France, Holland, and other export markets around the world. It is enjoyed by both the most timid cheese novice and the serious connoisseur.

Traditional Chevre with Ash: If you love a rich and creamy French goat's milk cheese, this button-shaped goat cheese is truly special. From Sancerre in the Loire region, Crottin de Champcol.

MONTH NO. 3 | Spain

Manchego: This raw milk Manchego is carefully aged for a full year to allow its flavor to fully mature and develop.

Cana De Cabra: Murcia, Spain is famous for its quality goat’s milk, and Montesinos produces outstanding goat cheeses. Caña de Cabra is a soft-ripened goat cheese log from Murcia. It is creamy and mild, buttery and delicious. As it ages, the flavor intensifies.

Valdeon: Named for the remote Valdeón Valley in the northern Spanish region of León, Valdeón’s seasonal balance of cow, goat and sometimes even sheep’s milk, contributes to its distinctly bold, sophisticated, and spicy flavor, which is also derived from its distinguishing foliage frock.

Subscription Delivery Timing

Our subscriptions ship the 3rd week of each month.
If you place your order after the 15th of the month your first box will ship the next month.

Every one of our monthly subscription's price includes the shipping and handling cost, so there will not be any increases or additional billing for shipping for the duration of your subscription.

*Surcharges apply to orders shipping to P.O. Boxes and Outside the Continental U.S.

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