Artisan Charcuterie

Discover the delicious world of specialty cured and dried meats, and pate.

Charcuterie, pronounced SHAR-kyu-TREE, is a word of French origin that refers to prepared meats. The world of charcuterie encompasses ham, salami and other cured sausages and pate. This flavorful category of food is most often served before the meal. We so enjoy stealing nibbles from the charcuterie plate that we often spoil our appetite for the main course. Our Charcuterie subscription features the finest, small-batch, artisan products.

Central to charcuterie is sausage, specifically cured sausages like salami and saucisson. The term Salami actually encompasses a bevy of Italian cured sausages, like Sopressata, Cacciatora, Finocchiona, Napoletano, and Genoa, each owing its distinctiveness to thousands of years of recipe development and tradition. Saucisson is the French version of salami. 

Pate is another main component of Charcuterie. The two main types of pate are coarse and mousse. Coarse pate is a cooked preparation that brings together small bits of spiced duck, pork and/or chicken in a terrine. Coarse pate is not exactly spreadable but is often applied to a cracker or small piece of toast nonetheless. Mousse pate is a spreadable preparation whose smooth consistency comes from whipped pork, duck, chicken or goose liver.

Ham is the third major component of the charcuterie category. This beloved pork product can be cooked or cured and can be made from a variety of breeds using many different spices in the brining or cooking process. Given all of these variables, it is no wonder that no two artisan hams taste alike.

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Gourmet Charcuterie

Each month we will deliver to you two full-sized artisan charcuterie products, plus a generous portion of an accompaniment that is meant to pair with the included selections.


Each Charcuterie of the Month shipment includes our detailed newsletter, explaining the finer points of that month’s selection. This can include information about the artisan producer, their curing techniques, the types of meat and spices used, as well as details about the casing and suggested food and wine pairings.

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