Winey Cheese Board Kit


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Winey Cheese Board Kit



SKU: A4726


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The Winey Cheese Board Kit is a captivating assortment that brings together the worlds of cheese and wine in a harmonious fusion of flavors. This expertly curated kit features a selection of cheeses that have been artfully blended with fine wines, resulting in a unique and indulgent tasting experience.

Blu 61 by La Casearia Carpenedo - This soft Italian blue cheese is funky, savory, and a little sweet. The rind is washed in sweet wine called Raboso Passito IGT and covered in cranberries, both of which lend the wheel fruity notes of raisins and currants. Serve it with your favorite crackers and dessert wine for a unique and memorable flavor experience. (7.5 oz)

Ubriaco al Vino - Where cheese meets wine, delicious things happen. These wheels are aged in Merlot and Cabernet wine must and aged for three months. The result is a bite that’s both savory and heady; ideal with your favorite red wine. Fun fact: must is the grape skin that is a byproduct of the wine making process.  (7.5 oz.)

Toast for Cheese by the Fine Cheese Co - It’s the best thing since sliced bread. ‘Toast’ is 60% made of fruits, nuts, and seeds. The result is a light, nutty, and vaguely sweet crisp that’s ideal with cheese, meats, and a variety of dips. It’s the ideal way to finish any cheese plate. (3.2 oz.) 

Drunken Goat DOP Cheese - Just one bite of this Spanish cheese shows you why it’s one of Spain's claims to fame. It’s soaked in Doble Pasta wine, which gives the goat cheese a sweet and fruity flavor. This semi-soft cheese is mild, smooth, and perfect with your favorite cracker or crostini. (7.5 oz.)

Port Wine Derby by Belton Farm -  The Beckett family has been crafting award-winning British cheeses since 1922 in Shropshire, England. This is a smooth and buttery Derby cheese marbled with sweet port wine, which makes it the ideal cheese to enjoy as is or in your favorite salad dressing or cheese sauce. Pair it with port or zinfandel and it will become one of your new favorite cheeses. (7.5 oz.)

Purple Moon by Fiscalini - You’ll be over the moon with this cheddar that’s even better. Fiscalini Farms has run their California dairy for four generations and this farmhouse Cheddar soaked in cabernet is a perfect example of how they take classic cheeses and give a whimsical twist to create an entirely new flavor. It’s especially delicious when paired with fresh grapes or your favorite preserves. (6 oz.)

Taralli Crackers by Mitica - This classic Puglian snack mix takes your standard cracker game to the next level. These crunchy crisps are made with extra virgin olive oil and white wine. They’re perfect with dips, cheeses, or just as is. (8.8 oz.)

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Winey Cheese Board Kit

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